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Dr. Rev Sandra Nowlin, PhD. LMHC

Dr. Rev Sandra Nowlin as she is sometime called is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who is an experience Faith-Based Counselor as well as an experienced Psycho-Therapist. Dr. Sandra has a passion for helping, adolescents, young people, and individuals,   and she is committed to working alongside individuals to help them to navigate area’s in their lives where they may feel stuck, lost or need guidance. Dr. Sandra holds a Doctoral Degree from the National Bible Institute in Greenville South Carolina in Bible Studies and a Doctoral in Theology. She holds a double Masters with a focus in Psychology and Organizational Psychology from National Louise University Chicago, IL.  Dr. Sandra holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Roosevelt University in Abnormal Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development as well as a Associates degree in


Addiction Studies. When Dr. Sandra arrived in Indiana she found out that she had to go back to school to qualify to work as a LMHC in Indiana so she enrolled in Huntington University and completed the courses in order to sit for Indiana’s LMHC license and with the help of her friend Crystal Perry she succeeded her endeavor Thus by obtaining not only having a LMHC Indiana license but a LPC from Chicago, IL.    Dr. Sandra Nowlin gained her experience from working as a License Professional Counselor in Chicago, IL, from Park Center Inc., Cross Connections and Dockside Services, in Fort Wayne Indiana. Dr. Nowlin  is experienced in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach  which she helps the individual with coping with their thoughts and beliefs,  developing skills  and how they can influence areas of their life, Dialectical Behavior Therapy approach by helping with the suicidal thought pattern and action as well as gaining insight and skills to manage their thoughts, emotions and beliefs, Psychoanalytic approach that drives the unconscious thoughts stemming from past relationships and experiences, or Trauma Focused Behavior Therapy approach helping individuals and families who have experienced traumatic events in their lives as she has been one of those needing help at one time in her life. Dr.  Sandra Nowlin has a heart for people and she is committed to helping people to live a rich and full life.

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