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Tishie L. White, MS

Tishie L. White, is a Behavioral Consultant and owner of Whites Tier, Inc. Tishie provides behavioral modification, training, supervision or assistance in appropriate expression of emotions, desires, assertiveness, acquisition of socially appropriate behaviors and the reduction of inappropriate behaviors to individuals with mental and physical disabilities. As the owner of Whites Tier, INC she provides Life Coaching and Career Development to assist individuals in maintaining and focusing on their life goals by Life Plan Mapping. Tishie and her team, helps individuals discover the virtuous behaviors that encompass each level of L.I.V.E curriculum by Cedric Lee Walker, Sr. (Learn to live significantly, Invest in what helps them be their best, Value the virtues that build good character, and the Expectancy to conquer life challenges).


Tishie obtained both her Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership in 2012 and Master’s Degree in Psychology in 2018 from Indiana Tech University. Tishie desires to be a “Helpful Hand all the Way to the Top” by providing 1 on 1 coaching, mentoring, resources, and encouragement to individuals on matters of living out their life journey.

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